Illiana's Point

Illiana’s Point

Illiana’s Point is a porttown a couple of days travel southeast of Eastport, and a few days travel west of Anasia. An independent town with strong connections to the Grey Rangers, its position close to the Fae Nation it has rarely been involved in major armed conflicts. Recent events in the area, most notably the Maelstrom invasion into the Fae nation have seen some changes to the disposition of the town prorities.

The town houses 4-4,5 thousand people of all races, thou the human population are by far the greatest, counting around 75 percent.The majority of the inhabitants work for the merchants and shipmakers of the town. Being a busy port town with much trade, there aren’t many days where there won’t be several hundred sailors in town too, roaming the taverns of the harbour district.

The town have developed at the mouth of the small Everwood River, which have its source from somewhere in the inner less populated part of the Fae Nation. Stories claim that the river starts at the roots of a massive ancient everwood tree, deep in the Landra’Feya forest. But many smaller communities along the river, depends on the trade that the river generate, and Illiana’s point is the hub for the trade that flows to and from the river.

Illiana’s Point got its current name after several investors funded a massive lighthouse, of dwarven, fae and dregordian craftsmanship. It was also built as a temple for Illiana the ascended, where druids was close to the saltwater of the sea and the fresh water of the river that runs along the lighthouse foundation. Its light reaching many miles out over the ocean, to guide ships safely to harbour. Including being a beacon to ships heading for Eastport and Anasia.

As the lighthouse made it much easier to spot Illiana’s Point and safer to dock, trade grew fast. Docking fees being less that those in Eastport, many a merchant prefered to unload there goods in Illiana’s Point, and send them to Eastport by caravan. The presence of the druids of Illiana also attracted shipbuilders to set up shop, as the blessings of Illiana is always welcome on a newly built ship. And high quality wood from Landra’feya was easy, fast and relatively cheap to acquire. Some master shipbuilders are even rumoured to be able to enchant the ships they create, thou this ofcourse is guild secrets.

The City have for many centuries supported the Grey Rangers, who have provided the city with elite operatives to keep criminal and evil factions somewhat at bay. And the citys proximity to the Malakar dominion, have provided for many agents sent into Dominion territory.

City Locations, Layout, important Factions and Denizens.

0) Already mentioned The Lighthouse and Temple of Illiana, can be seen from every part of the city. It stands the mouth of the Everwood river its foundation standing in both the river and the ocean. It directs the ocean going vessels safely to port, and guide them to Anasia and Eastport. It is home for the city’s largest enclave of druids, and seat for the druid enclaves spokesperson. Who currently is Master of the four paths Lilia (Korindian Female)

1) The town have 3 gates in its walls. One in its Northwest corner, the Everwood Gate, which leads out to the Everwood Bridge, which crosses the Everwood River. In the southwest corner is Illiana’s gate, which is the main gate for the traffic between the docks and the city’s warehouses and merchant district. At the Southeast corner is the third gate, the Fae gate which leads out to the road towards Anasia. To each gate belongs a Barrack which each hold a company of moderately well equipped soldiers. (Soldier stats with halberds, crossbows and full chainmail and helmet.) The city have increased the number of soldiers recently, in response to the War of Flame and increased Maelstrom activity in the region. There is also rumours that the Doge secretly have been able to send a company of soldiers to the Olaran front.

2) Lanya’s Boulevard, the mainstreet through the city which runs from Everwood Gate to Fae Gate. Named after the female doge, that for several centuries ago pledged the support of the city to the Grey Ranger’s in recognition of there support in quelling a major conflict in the city between several evil and power hungry factions.

3) In the middle of Lanya’s Boulevard is Plaza del Elfi. Which is a massive market place and where the city’s festivites and celebrations are being held.

4) At the northwest corner of the city, a Castle and Residence of the Doge is situated. The current Doge is Sebastiani Gritto, a man who have strengthened the city’s support to the Rangers in response to the war, thou the city is not placed at its fronts, Sebastiani knows should the Kal’anar empire succeed in there plans, no one will be safe, least of all profitable trade. The Castle also house another company of city guards and his own personal guard. A company of well trained medium armed and armoured cavalry. Also living in the castle is the leader of the City guard, General Ecthiono Galliro (Human Male)

5) Around Illiana’s Gate the merchants have build there offices and warehouses, and the area is now known as the Merchant District. Which also house the guild offices of the Merchant Guild, largest and most influential guild in the city. 9 out of 10 times, the Doge is elected among the members of the merchant guild. Current Guild Master is Rectiani Dalora (Human Male)

6) Also in the merchant district is a old fortified militia building, now serving as the base for ranger operations in the city. Usually housing well over a dozen experienced rangers and those under there tutelage. The war have forced the Ranger leadership to send them to war and to infiltrate the Malakar dominion. It is now under management of Corporal Rhojian Shadowlight, a young Eldakar who have like so many others just completed ranger training and attained the rank of Ranger, but his leadership abilities and management abilities have seem him receive early promotion and command. And currently he is the commander for five other newly trained rangers.

7) The city also have a crime investigating body the Constables of Illiana’s Point. They have 30 or so investigators at any given time, they have several small offices around town. Where the city guard patrol the streets and guard the gates, the constables investigate many of the crimes happening in the city. As they are funded by the guilds of the city, there priorities do tend to be on the crimes that affect the businesses of the guilds. But they are on good standing with the rangers, as there efforts often release ressources for the rangers, that would otherwise be involved in all kinds of trade disputes and criminal intrigue among the city’s guilds. Currently led by High Chief Constable Anne Dorotoro (Human Female)

8) North of Plaza del Elfi, a district of churches and temples have been built over the centuries. Most faiths and beliefs are present. The largest are enclaves of the other 3 paths to druidic faith and the Church of light. The church of Light have taken over the old church of Argannon, as that church had been left empty as the Church of Argannon lost its footing in the city decades ago. Current leader of the church of Light is Priest Toozam amin Liajim amin Dalal, (human male of Youlin-Aradi decent)

9) Along the North and East wall is the districts of the higher middleclass, the merchant residences and nobility. The richer and more influential the closer to the Doge’s Residence they are. The lower middleclasse and craftsmen live along and south of Lanya’s Boulevard. The South east part of the city is also home for a rather large community of Goblinesh, who mostly work the low paying jobs on the docks and shady taverns.

10) Between the area of churches and temples and the rich quarters is the large Fae District. Which is mostly inhabited by Fae, who do have some autonomy running there district. It is rumoured that for the relative high self control, is gained by giving the Doge some elite fae operatives for his usage. The District is led by the Fae Council who’s head is Minister Ursanila Songmist. (Alakar Female)

11) Thou no clear evidence is in Constable or Ranger possesion, there is no doubt that various criminal organisations make there trade in the town, and without a doubt the Red Store is behind the most lucrative criminal activities and smuggling. Thou agents from the Malakar dominion, kal-anar and shaya’nor is making trouble too. And there is also rumours that the Church of Argannon haven’t quite left either or maybe returned.

Illiana's Point

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